The M. Anderson Studio and Gallery is a new creative space in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. The project is the brainchild of painter, Marc Anderson. His hope was to create a collaborative space for artists and collectors, alike. Our mission is to support fine artists and make their beautiful work accessible to art lovers. Apart from simply displaying fine art, we aim to educate through both conversation and our in-house classes.

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Painting from Photographs

In this class, we will discuss the many benefits and challenges of working with reference photos. Marc will also cover many painting fundamentals including color, drawing, value, materials, and much more. Each day will begin with three hours of lecture and demonstrations followed a one hour lunch period. After the break, students will work on their own pieces. Students may use photos that Marc will provide, or they can supply their own.

Holiday Still Life Workshop

Come paint a festive still life with Marc at his studio! Still lifes offer the perfect, controlled setting in which to explore the fundamentals of painting. With our holiday setup, we’ll cover topics such as drawing, seeing and mixing color, brushwork, values, and much more! Each day will begin with a three hour lecture and demo, followed by a one hour lunch. After the break, students will paint from the still life.

Portrait Drawing Drop in Class (6 weeks)
This class is an in-depth exploration of portrait drawing. Each class will begin with an hour of lecture and demonstration followed by two hours of students drawing from the model. Each session will cover a different topic, all culminating in a well rounded understanding of anatomy and drawing technique. Click below for the class syllabus.

Fall Plein Air Workshop
Come paint the Wisconsin landscape en plein air! This two day workshop will cover aspects of plein air painting ranging from the fundamentals of drawing and composition to more advanced oil techniques. Each day will begin with 3 hours of lecture and demonstration. After a break for lunch, students will choose and paint their own subject matter while the instructor makes the rounds and gives one on one instruction. Click below for the class syllabus and registration.

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